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Ready to scale your store more profitably than ever before? With our CRO focused foundational builds, we will help your brand get rolling in the right direction for maximum growth potential.
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We Are Conversion Rate Experts

From This

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On average, we increase our clients conversion rate by 104%. Thanks to our psychology-driven formula and comprehensive growth planning, 253 Media's clients enjoy profitability gains right out of the box.

OS 2.0

As a Shopify Partner, we are here to help create a custom Shopify experience for your customers so you can efficiently increase sales and scale your brand. Our team of Shopify experts are versed in both Shopify OS2.0 as well as hundreds of Shopify apps.

More than a theme

Unlike other agencies who either just fill out a theme or hard code your store making it nearly impossible to update, we take a middle ground approach. This gives us the ability to build a custom experience that converts like crazy while being easy to maintain and update as your brand grows.
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Our Process is our secret sauce

Our team is here to build your brand a Shopify store that will leave you speechless. You love us for it, and more importantly, your customers love YOU for it.


At 253 Media, we're the experts in finding out exactly what makes your brand tick and why people buy from you. Why? So, we can give your customers a memorable experience that makes them buy more than ever before.


Before we build a single section, our team does extensive research on your brand's vision and goals for the future. This gives our Shopify designers the insight needed to build a layout that can grow with your brand over time.


It's what we do. We're the experts in designing high-conversion Shopify stores that drive real profits. When working with 253 Media, you can rest assured that you'll have a completely unique website that your customers will love.


Development is where we get to get our hands dirty. Our Shopify development team build high-converting websites quickly without ever sacrificing quality or cutting corners. Unlike other agencies, our custom sections are built with long-term maintenance in mind!

Profit and Scale

We don't just build boring old websites. We build scalable solutions for driving conversions, customer retention, and increasing your AOV, all while bringing you the thing that matters most: profit.

Officially Partnered With the Leading Shopify Apps

Any many more!

Working with an Agency?

Great! We work with tons of agencies all over the world. From ad buying teams to content agencies, we can easily fit into your current marketing team's flow. Plus, we are always happy to work directly with your agency parters to help them maximize their efforts as well!

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