Why Your Brand Needs To Be On Shopify

March 12, 2021

Are you an e-commerce brand owner trying to scale?

Have you been struggling consistently growing your monthly sales?

Even with the best content and the best marketing campaigns, e-commerce stores can struggle to see growth because of drastically underperforming stores.

For many brands, simply upgrading to Shopify can be an absolute gamechanger.

Since 2004, Shopify has powered more than 850,000 stores including Gymshark, Budweiser, Red Bull, Heinz, KKW, and Kylie Cosmetics.

Shopify is all the rage with e-commerce stores for a reason… Because it’s an inclusive platform that works incredibly well for selling and scaling online.

Here are the top five reasons why your brand needs to be on Shopify to see maximum growth. 

Edits Are Quick And Easy

When it comes to growing an e-commerce brand, making edits on the fly is crucial for optimization.

Maybe you have a new promotion coming up and you want to add new sections to push the promotion on your website.

Maybe you have a new collection coming out and you need to re-organize your products to help draw attention to the new products.

No matter what you need to do, making changes on Shopify is about as easy as it gets.

Every theme on Shopify comes pre-loaded with numerous design elements that can help you build new sections quickly and easily. Most themes come with columns, featured product sections, video sections and many more sections that can be built to build value and ultimately drive sales.

Unlimited App Options

One of the strongest features of Shopify is the ability to customize your store with any of the 4200+ apps from the Shopify App Store. 

Although the stock Shopify themes are a fantastic starting point and give your brand a great foundation for scaling, adding apps to your store can help you do anything including increase conversions, collect more emails, encourage upsells, build custom products, utilize wholesale programs, and tons more!

Apps can make all the difference between an average store and an incredible store and to help make sure you get the right app for your needs, most of the paid apps offer a free trial so you can test them out before committing to them.

Over the last few years, 253 Media’s teams of Shopify store experts have utilized hundreds of apps with too many issues, especially compared to apps on other web building platforms.

Easy Inventory Management And Shipping

When it comes to scaling a brand, efficient inventory management and shipping can be a make a break. Thankfully, Shopify’s native inventory management and shipping is pretty solid for most smaller brands.

For brands that need a more sophisticated inventory management system, there are numerous apps that can help you track inventory for re-orders, average quantities, sell-through rates, etc… Stock Sync and Intuit’s TradeGecko are popular inventory management apps that make it easy to stay organized even with multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Shipping is a highly controversial subject that can be a huge cost center, or a huge profit center for brands. 

Since Amazon Prime has taken the world by storm and everyone demands free shipping, brands around the world are trying to reduce shipping costs as much as possible in order to compete with Amazon.

With Shopify’s integrated shipping platform, you’ll be able to earn discounted shipping rates to help you stay competitive. Even if those aren’t quite good enough or if you need more shipping features, there are tons of shipping apps, such as Shipstation, to help you stay on top of shipping for your customers.

Integrated Checkout Options And Fast Payouts

To help you increase conversions, Shopify makes it seamless to add multiple payment gateways to your store so your customers can pay with what they prefer. Credit card payments, Google Pay, Paypal, Zelle, and Apple Pay are all easy to add to your store.

Have a specific payment processor that you love? Shopify easily integrates with 50+ gateways, including gateways that accept cryptocurrency .

When you are using Shopify payments, you’ll have your sales revenue deposited into your account quickly. Unlike other processors, Shopify processes payouts within 24-72 hours so you’ll have your money when you need it.

By offering fast payouts, you’ll have the money quick enough to reinvest back in your marketing efforts to continuously scale, without worrying about the capital needed to scale.

Excellent Customer Management

Everyone loves excellent customer service, so Shopify makes it easy to manage your customer date. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to access any customer account, make change, add tags, and create custom lists to keep track of specific customer groups.

Managing your customers is a crucial way to increase your marketing efficiency. With Shopify, you can easily export highly targeted lists of customers that you can use throughout your marketing efforts.

Want to run an ad campaign to your customers who have purchased multiple products? No problem! Shopify makes it easy to create custom customer lists.

Easy To Navigate Analytics

The growth is in the numbers! Data analysis is a key part to scaling your brand and finding the subtle efficiencies that are crucial for ongoing optimization.

Shopify’s data analytics dashboard is a great tool to help you understand your sales, how your customers are buying, what they are buying, and more! This data is incredibly helpful for anyone who is marketing a store because you can see data in real time to help with marketing.

Some of the most important data points that Shopify reports on are:

  • Average order value
  • Conversion rate
  • Returning customer rate
  • Customer locations

And the best part? Shopify’s analytics compare to previous periods so you can make sure that your store is on the uptrend!

Although there are a few regulations for some products, in general, Shopify can be an incredibly powerful and versatile platform that can be a strong asset for nearly any e-commerce brand. 

If you are ready to start growing your brand online, look no further than Shopify.

Not sure if Shopify is right for your brand? Need some help with your Shopify store migration? Ready to improve your conversion rate? Get in touch with our Shopify design agency today!

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