Wyld Gear

Shopify Plus
Wyld Gear came to us to help them improve their Shopify website with a more modern feel, easy user experience, and above all, an improved conversion rate.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problems with the old Wyld Gear website:

  • Low conversion rate (0.4-1.3 for the first half of 2020)
  • Lots of apps that hurt functionality and performance
  • Out of date design that didn't match the quality of Wyld Gear products

Our solutions

The all-new Wyld Gear website was built from the ground up to help the brand scale for years to come. The goal was simple: improve the user experience to increase conversion rates and overall website efficiency. To do this, we focused on overall website flow to decrease the time it takes someone to find the product, color, and size they want. We also went very image heavy on each page to show inspire people to get outside with their favorite Wyld Gear products. The website also was built to be easier to update and maintain than ever before with fewer apps and more standardized processes.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Wyld Gear website:

  • Custom product swatches to improve user experience on the product pages
  • Strategic product and collection flow to improve average order values and decrease order times
  • Content heavy design to emotionally connect with shoppers and keep them inspired to use their Wyld Gear

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