Wrap It Utah

Shopify Plus
To help automate their ordering process and scale their online sales, Wrap It Utah came to use to build a customized e-commerce website on Shopify.

Areas for Improvement

Previously, Wrap It Utah was only taking orders in person or through Instagram so didn't have a way to stay organized and scale online. By building a custom Shopify website, the brand is able to automate their sales process.

Our solutions

The all-new Wrap It Utah website was built to streamline and scale online sales. Previously, the brand did not have a website so online sales organization was very challenging. The new Shopify website gives Wrap It Utah a home online and a sophisticated back-end platform to help them stay organized with sales. In addition, the new website is also integrated with their marketing channels to help add a multi-channel synchronization.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Wrap It Utah website:

  • Custom options for each collection
  • Simple, easy to navigate layout to help people find their products faster to improve conversion rates
  • Marketing integrations to help with scaling online sales nationally

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