Wild Tiger NFT

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To be the first of it's kind, the Wild Tigers NFT project needed a highly branded Web3 style website that built trust and made it easy to buy their NFTs.

Areas for Improvement

This is the first website for the Wild Tigers NFT project, so there were no previous issues.

Our solutions

Unlike other Web3 NFT websites, the Wild Tigers NFT project is focused on real world donations rather than games or clubs, so we went to the drawing board to build value around a whole new type of project. The NFT space is hyper-critical of NFT projects, so the website needed to have that WOW factor that you'd expect with any 253 Media Webflow website. We focused heavily on UX and interaction along with really hitting the emotional chord with people to encourage them to join the Wild Tigers vision.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Wild Tigers NFT website.

  • Web3 build with NFT minting for launch
  • Highly interactive with multi-layer scrolling graphics
  • All graphics, design and development done in-house

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