Whimsy Clothing

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To compete with massive brands, Whimsy came to us to help them increase website conversions and overall easy of use.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main areas we need to address

  • Very old and outdated website with poor formatting
  • The old website was difficult to navigate
  • Poor product integration
  • No integration with social channels

Our solutions

The first step to bringing Whimsy Clothing to the next level online was to build a highly organized product catalog so customers can easily find the kinds of clothes they looking for. From there, we needed to focus on the target audience so built added in sales copy to connect with a high-class middle-aged audience on an emotional level. Once the new Whimsy clothing website was built, the final step was to fully integrate the site with all social channels to allow for easier sales and highly retargeted advertising.

Key Features

Here are some of the key feature on the all-new Whimsy Clothing website:

  • Highly interactive site
  • Highly visual flow
  • Streamlined and highly organized product catalog
  • Total integration with social channels

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