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When we first started talking with KITE, the goal was to focus on advertising and lead generation. After reviewing KITE's complete digital footprint, we decided to build a modern website to focus on SEO power and conversion capabilities and to improve future advertising results

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problem areas we addressed with the old KITE website:

  • Outdated layout that wasn't very visually appealing and didn't showcase the new homes at all
  • Confusing flow of information led to an awkward user experience
  • Simple site didn't offer a lot of SEO power

Our solutions

As KITE grows, they wanted to increase their advertising capabilities and overall online presence. Before driving any traffic to the website, we decided to create a better website that was optimized to convert potential home buyers into low-funnel leads. In addition to helping with paid advertising, the new KITE website offers much stronger SEO performance that will help drive traffic to KITE organically to keep ad costs low in the future. Finally, the new site is also much simpler to update and allows KITE to add new properties as they are available.

Key Features

Here are the key features for the new KITE website:

  • Highly visual website to help people feel connected to their new home
  • Multiple calls-to-action with lead forms and call buttons to increase lead generation
  • Strong branding throughout the site to help with local brand awareness

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