Solarstellar NFT

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As a new company in the NFT space, Solarstellar needed a highly branded website that would make the whole NFT community say WOW.

Areas for Improvement

Solarstellar is a brand new company, so they didn't have a previous website. This is a full custom, from the ground up, build on Webflow

Our solutions

To make sure the brand sells out as fast as possible once launched, we went to work to build a lightning fast, and highly branded Webflow website that gives NFT enthusiasts a great experience. The scroll controlled animations throughout the site were specifically designed to keep users engaged by giving them something to "play" with. This helps us keep the bounce rate and the engagement high.

Key Features

Here are the key features on the new Solarstellar website:

  • Custom animations throughout the website
  • Web3.0 build for wallet integrations
  • Buildable platform for future updates

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