Sofhold Gun Magnets

Shopify Plus
The all-new Sofhold Gun Magnet website was built to give Sofhold a place to grow their online presence and make sales other than on Amazon.

Areas for Improvement

Here were the main issues with the old Sofhold Gun Magenets website:

  • Very outdated layout that didn't match the premium product
  • No e-commerce experience which meant all sales went through Amazon
  • Single page layout and no keyword optimization lead to low SEO power

Our solutions

The old Sofhold Gun Magnets website was originally designed as a basic landing page to add basic information then redirect people to Amazon. By building a new e-commerce website on Shopify, the 253 Media team was able to open a brand new sales channel that will allow the brand to scale online. By having a new e-commerce store, the brand is finally able to have more control over their online sales while gaining valuable insights into customer actions which allow for adverting scaling.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Sofhold Gun Magnets website:

  • Complete e-commerce functionality to open a new sales channel other than Amazon
  • Video content and story-telling imagery to build value
  • Sophisticated wholesale process to streamline wholesale ordering

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