Shopify Plus
With the premier of a new T.V. show in the works, R.Swiader needed a major overhaul on their website to create a better online experience for their customers.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problems with the old R.Swiader store:

  • Very templated feel with little customization capability
  • Awkward customer experience with very small imagery
  • Very little information about the brand

Our solutions

When R.Swiader came to the 253 Media team, their big focus was creating a high-quality, highly visual store that matched the high-fashion brand's look and feel. As we began their migration to the Shopify platform, we focused on creating a design that featured a good balance between intentional white space and branded imagery. In addition to an updated design, we also focused on the customer experience to help people navigate through the collections more quickly. This helped people quickly find the products they are looking for so that the overall checkout process.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Shopify store:

  • Drastically improved user experience on the product pages
  • Improved product organization on the front-end and back-end
  • Highly branded feel throughout the site to connect with the R.Swiader audience

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