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Areas for Improvement

Since PufHemp didn't have a website before coming to 253 Media, the main problem was that they had no way to get sales online and grow their e-commerce sales efficiently.

Our solutions

When PufHemp came to us, they didn't have a way to sell online. Being a "high-risk" brand can make it tough to have any kind of e-commerce processing, so the PufHelp team was at a loss for growing online. When 253 Media stepped in, we custom built an e-commerce website on Webflow. This allowed PufHemp to sell their products online and have a completely custom website that didn't look anything like their competitor sites. In addition, their new CBD online store is also synced with their email platform to help the brand grow their email list and improve their customer LTV.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new PufHemp website:

  • Custom built e-commerce experience on Webflow
  • Conversion driven landing pages designed to increase AOV
  • Optimized for ongoing SEO growth to scales organic sales as efficiently as possible.

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