Nailed Golf

Shopify Plus
When it comes to scaling a premium brand online, customer experience is everything. When Nailed Golf came to the 253 Media team, their old website was slow and clunky and had a cumbersome checkout experience that drastically affected conversion rates.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main issues with the old Nailed Golf website

  • Customers had to checkout with Paypal which made tracking advertising conversions nearly impossible
  • Huge file sizes lead to incredibly slow load times
  • The Woocommerce store had a lot of plugins which were prone to issues

Our solutions

To help Nailed Golf improve their conversion rates and overall profitability, the 253 Media team set out to build the new website from the ground up on Shopify. First, we focused on getting the website content and flow dialed in to guide people to the two main collections: shoes and gloves. The major improvement we made content wise was to make the site more visual so people can emotionally connect with the brand. Once we had the main design built, we implemented our premium tech stack to boost profitability and conversion rates as much as possible.

Key Features

Here are the main features of the new Nailed Golf website:

  • Sophisticated app stack to improve profitability
  • Multiple checkout options
  • Simple and streamlined flow for improved conversion rates

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