Shopify Plus
When NacPro+ came to 253 Media, they were trying to scale, but a 1.2% conversion rate was making it tough for them to profitably scale through Facebook ads.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the key problems with the old NacPro+ WooCommerce store:

  • Tough to update and maintain with lots of custom code
  • Not enough information about the ingredients
  • Weak lading pages that didn't build much value around the product

Our solutions

The goal was simple: migrate to Shopify and increase the conversion rate so NacPro+ could profitably scale. Before we began the migration, we took a deep dive into the analytics with their old WooCommerce to determine exactly where the pinch points were with conversions. The major take away was that there wasn't enough value added on the landing pages and there weren't clear calls to action. As we moved the store to Shopify, we focused on creating value-adding sections on every page to give as much information about the product as possible. By creating a value-driven design, we were able to increase the conversion rate from 1.2% to 3.09% over a 90-day period.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new NacPro+ Shopify store:

  • Data optimized design to increase the conversion rate by 157%
  • Custom pages for additional info and easy updating
  • Custom elements throughout the site to improve the user experience

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