Legacy By Design

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When Legacy By Design came to the 253 Media team, they were looking for a more streamlined and simplified website that was easy to use.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the key areas that needed improvement:

  • Way too wordy with tons of information that was hard to digest
  • High bounce rates and slow load times
  • Lot of custom coded elements on Wordpress made it tough to update
  • No integrations or automations

Our solutions

When Legacy By Design came to 253 Media, the main goal was simplification. The old site was so wordy and copy driven which made it very easy to get lost on. The trouble with this was that the information all needed to be on the site. By utilizing longer form landing pages and font differentiation, we were able to break the copy up a ton to make the site much easier to use. Mixing a better UX and an automated backend, Legacy By Design is ready for growth!

Key Features

Here are he key features of the new Legacy By Design site:

  • Highly CMS driven to make updates as easy as possible
  • Interactions and video content to increase engagement and decrease bounce rates
  • Fully synced with their CRM
  • Simplified information to make the content easier to digest

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