Kite Solutions LLC

Shopify Plus

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problem areas we addressed with the old Kite Solutions LLC website:

  • Outdated layout that wasn't very visually appealing and didn't show website users what the different services are
  • Very few calls-to-action
  • Confusing information flow

Our solutions

The old Kite Solutions LLC website had some good imagery, however the site was tricky to navigate and didn't have a simple way to get quotes. To help Kite Solutions LLC out, we built a custom website from the ground up to create a simple user experience that shows uses exactly what services Kite Solutions LLC offers. The new website also offers a lot more depth that the previous site did not offer which creates a stronger SEO performance. Finally, the new website features a custom portal so the Kite Solutions LLC team can easily add new services as they are offered.

Key Features

Here are the key features for the new Kite Solutions LLC website:

  • Easy lead forms that sync with their CRM
  • Custom portal to easily add new content and new services
  • Fast loading times and deep construction to help with SEO

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