Greenside Golf

Shopify Plus
As a brand new brand, Greenside Golf wanted to hit the ground running with a high-performance e-commerce website on Shopify that will give the brand a platform for future growth.

Areas for Improvement

As a brand new company, Greenside Golf didn't have a previous website so this was a completely ground up build.

Our solutions

The all-new Greenside Golf website was built to give the brand a great foundation for future growth. The 253 Media team designed the website to show the Greenside Golf products being used by the young men in their target audience. When people think of premium golf products, they think of retired men on the course, not necessarily millennials. Greenside Golf is on a mission to break that stigma while creating products that appeal to a younger audience, so their website needed to make that happen. Throughout the new Shopify site, we used vibrant imagery, pre-release product reviews, and lots of personality to connect with a younger audience.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Greenside Golf website:

  • Complete Shopify build with content, copy, and a streamlined order process
  • Product oriented pages to increase conversion rates
  • Lots of product info and lifestyle photography throughout the site to connect with their target audience

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