Green Gold Collective

Shopify Plus
After building an incredibly engaged following on Instagram, the Green Gold Collective team was ready to launch a limited edition clothing drop and needed a place to sell online.

Areas for Improvement

Although Green Gold Collective had a strong following for their award winning marijuana strands, the brand had no e-commerce presence and no way to sell clothes efficiently.

Our solutions

The goal was simple: create a fast Shopify store that made it easy for people to buy merch and made it easy to keep track of customers. For the design, we needed to make a well branded site that matched the feel of the brand. Because the brand has such a unique feel with a mix of colors and art, the site needed to match to increase brand cohesion and awareness. Overall, the new site is simple, clean, and streamlined while giving uses a good experience that matches the community that Green Gold Collective has built.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Green Gold Collective website:

  • Community building design to help with brand activation
  • Highly branded content to improve the sense of community
  • Streamlined order process to increase conversion rates

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