Drop Detailing

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When we first started talking with Drop Detailing, we dove deep into the future vision for the company. They want to be known as the leading high-end detailing company in Salt Lake City and they needed a digital presence to match.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problem areas we addressed with the old Drop Detailing website:

  • Outdated layout that had a lot of missing information
  • The overall design didn't offer a premium experience that matched the services being offered
  • No simple lead generation or calls to action

Our solutions

The biggest problem that Drop Detailing was facing was having a website that had the same quality as their detail services. To help them bridge that gap and have a uniform service we built them a brand new website from the ground up. The new website offers a much more buildable platform so that as Drop Detailing grows, their website can grow too. To help customers find the perfect service(s) for their vehicle, the website is easy to navigate, has a ton of information about each service, and each specific service page encourages up-sells to increase the overall value of each customer. Overall, the goal of the new site was to create a design that makes Drop Detailing customers say, "Wow. I want these guys to detail my car."

Key Features

Here are the key features for the new Drop Detailing website:

  • Big, bold images to showcase their attention to detail and quality of work
  • Strong SEO presence due to a site structure
  • Website videos to improve user experience and conversions
  • Very buildable platform to allow Drop Detailing to grow over time and add in new website features

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