Dream It Pro

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Dream It Professional Events came to us to quickly build a new site from the ground up that offered educational element and make users feel inspired to travel.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problem areas we addressed with the old Dream It website:

  • Very out of date layout
  • Few educational elements that are necessary for a unique company
  • Not very much information about the dream destinations

Our solutions

The old Dream It website had some good info about each incentive event but fell short with educational elements to elaborate on why incentive travel works compared to cash bonuses. By utilizing lots of animation, multiple testimonials, and emotionally inspiring graphics, we were able to create a custom designed Webflow website that inspires users while showing them why incentive travel is a great motivational tool for businesses.

Key Features

Here are the key features for the new Dream It website:

  • Lots of educational elements to showcase why incentive travel works
  • Strong calls to action throughout the site
  • Event specific landing pages to help with SEO and emotional connection

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