Dented Brick Distillery

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Although the old Dented Brick Distillery website wasn't awful visually, the overall structure and growth ability was severely lacking. Our job was simple: rebuild the site with a platform that enables future growth and overall website consistency.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problem areas we addressed with the old Dented Brick Distillery website:

  • Very little cohesion, lots of missing information, and a very templated feel
  • Slow load times due to massive content sizes
  • Very little story telling or engaging content to keep people interested in the brand

Our solutions

While we were in the planning stages of the new Dented Brick Distillery website, two things became very clear. Dented Brick's incredible story was not being presented very well on the old site and there was a lot of missing information about their craft drinks that could help set them apart from their competitors. As we designed their new website, we focused heavily on story telling as well as presenting unique information that people will care about For example, when a customer is on the product page, our goal was to make them feel like they already had a bottle of Dented Brick in their hand. We also made sure that the while site was very branded and that it shares the Dented Brick story as much as possible with videos, photos, and unique attributes about the distillery. Finally, to help the distillery grow online we created a buildable website that could easily grow as the brand grows.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the new Dented Brick Distillery website:

  • Fully built CMS to accommodate new drinks
  • Performance built to focus on SEO capabilities with easy-update content blocks and video content
  • Product pages designed with the customer in mind to make people feel like they have the bottle in their hands
  • Cohesive flow to keep customers engaged

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