212 Fitness

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212 Fitness came to us to help them grow their customer base online while offering a friendly and inviting feel to their training facility.

Areas for Improvement

Here are the main problem areas we addressed with the old 212 Fitness website:

  • Outdated layout that wasn't very visually appealing and didn't showcase the facility at all
  • Contradicting calls-to-action were confusing for potential customers
  • Awkward flow with lots of missing information

Our solutions

Historically, high-end gyms have struggled to gain new clients and they have especially struggled to gain women as clients because gym training is intimidating. To combat the stigma, we focused on showcasing the 212 Fitness facility and current clients as much as possible. The new layout was designed to be inviting to everyone from fitness beginners to seasoned gym rats. We also wanted to focus on differentiation by sharing more information about all of the coaches and showing the sense of community that 212 is built around. The new 212 Fitness website was also built to be incredibly quick and easy to update with all of their fitness and nutrition resources.

Key Features

Here are the key features for the new 212 Fitness website:

  • Highly visual website to show people exactly what to expect
  • Strong branding throughout the site to help with brand awareness
  • Lots of calls to action throughout the site to encourage signups
  • Lot of added value with fitness and nutrition blogs

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