Webflow For Startups and SaaS Companies

October 26, 2021

Whether you are pitching your startup to potential investors or if you are working on scaling your SaaS company, Webflow may be the missing link that you’ve been looking for.

Your website is one of the most crucial pieces for growing your startup because it’s your only salesperson that can help you get more customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So wouldn’t you want to have a great website that will give your customers a memorable experience while making it seem like a no-brainer to buy from your company.

Of course! 

But you know what they say…

You can have it fast, cheap, and great. But you can only have two out of the three options.

Well… maybe that’s not the case with Webflow.

In fact, major companies such as Dell, Lattice, HelloSign, and Eventbrite are making the move to Webflow for their marketing websites. 

Here are six reasons why your startup or SaaS company should consider building on Webflow.

Get your site built faster than you ever imagined without taking shortcuts

One of the most common questions we get asked about moving to Webflow is, “How long will it take?”

Although it will vary from company to company, by using consistent design systems within Webflow and no-code (or light-code) development, the overall creation from start to finish can be drastically faster.

A major feature that plays into Webflow’s advantage is their powerful CMS that can be used for virtually anything from landing pages to testimonials to gallery items. Utilizing the CMS can save hundreds of hours of development time.

Enjoy total design control to build a perfectly branded website

Have you ever wanted to build something really cool that fits perfectly with what you sell, but the template you’re using just doesn’t quite let that happen?

“The theme we have just doesn’t let us build XYZ with custom-coding it from scratch.”

This is something we hear everyday from brands that are using over no-code solutions like Wix, Wordpress, or Squarespace and it can make it nearly impossible to create a truly unique experience for your customers.

Sure you can use a template, but with Webflow’s blank canvas starting point you’ll be able quickly build a completely custom website that perfectly matches your product/service. You aren’t stuck within the constraints of a template so you create something specifically for what your customers want.

To take the total design control a step further, for example, if you’re marketing your SaaS platform, you can design your Webflow marketing site to perfectly match your SaaS platform. This will make everything flow to the point where your marketing site and your actual software feel like they are one-in-the-same.

Webflow is easy to maintain which means you’ll save time and money

Is there anything worse than having to reach out to the development team to fix something that was built with custom code? Not really!

This can wreck havoc on workflows and can take precious time away from other tasks that your developers have on their to-do lists.

With Webflow’s no-code structure, you won’t need to call in the developers to make simple updates or bug fixes. Basic fixes have never been faster than with Webflow because even non-developer team members can make necessary updates. 

This will drastically reduce any down time that your website might have and will help improve your internal team workflows.

The perfect solution for marketing teams who need specific landing pages

One of the major rules of marketing is that your traffic source is only as good as your website. In essence, the better in sync your website is with your call to action from socials, email, sms, etc… the better each traffic source will convert.

Things move fast for startups so being able to quickly add new landing pages for marketing efforts is huge. 

By utilizing Webflow’s CMS, symbols, and class system, your internal marketing team can quickly build landing pages as needed without needing to get a developer involved.

To summarize, there are primarily three reasons why startups and SaaS companies are turning to Webflow.

  1. Lightning fast build times
  2. Perfectly branded to match your product/service/platform
  3. No-code means no developers for day-to-day updates

At the end of the day,  Webflow is changing the way companies are marketing themselves and if you haven’t looked into using Webflow for your marketing website, then you might be wasting time and money that could be much more beneficial in other areas of your company.

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