Top 16 Companies That Use Webflow

August 5, 2021

Do any household name companies use Webflow?

We get asked this question almost every day and the answer is pretty incredible. With approximately 230,000 websites using Webflow, and more making the switch everyday, it’s safe to say that Webflow is a powerhouse platform that can have a major impact on your business.

So who actually uses Webflow?

Keep reading to discover 16 of the top businesses that are growing online with Webflow.


The Prepped by Freshly website was designed with Webflow’s customizable CMS to be fast and SEO friendly while giving their audience an interactive online experience.

Screenshot of the Freshly website home page

Michael Kors

This fashion icon utilizes Webflow’s powerful page builder to create an online experience that makes users feel like they are clicking into Fashion week in Paris. Using Webflow, Michael Kors is able to keep the code on the backend of their site at a minimum, making the website load extremely fast. Google sees fast loading speeds as a huge bonus for a good user experience, giving Michael Kors that much more of an advantage over the competition trying to outrank them.

Screenshot of the Michael Kors home page


This tech giant is gaining market share by utilizing Webflow’s highly customizable page builder and CMS to build value around the HelloSign platform while encouraging people to take action.


Unlike with other website building platforms, Webflow gave Mural the opportunity to create a completely custom website that fits well with their brand and gives their customers a memorable and high-quality experience on all devices.


With a little bit of custom code, high-quality graphics, and user controlled animations, UpGuard takes full advantage of Webflow’s powerful design tools.


One of the biggest issues with other website building platforms is positioning. Disco takes advantage of Webflow’s positioning tool to create an incredibly responsive website with custom graphics and background videos.


Mega-Menus, scroll controlled animations, and a CMS-driven sitemap help Lattice grow their site with engaging content.


Highly sophisticated designs aren’t always necessary, which is why Raygun opted to incorporate Webflow into their marketing strategy. Webflow makes it easy for tech brands to create easy-to-use, and highly branded websites that are fast while using lots of photo and video content.


Sleek, engaging, and fast are all words that come to mind when looking at Hugo’s website. Plus, with a little help from custom code, Hugo created an incredible experience for users that builds a ton of confidence in their platform.


Although many Shopify apps only use the Shopify app store landing page, Superlemon packs an SEO and customer support punch with their own website on Webflow.



Health-Ade really showcases what is possible with Webflow’s designer. Scrolling animations, 100% custom layouts, and a CTA that seamlessly links to their Shopify site. This combination takes the best of Webflow and the best of Shopify to make an incredible customer experience. 


This vibrant design utilizes Webflow’s animation tool to create a unique and engaging experience for customers that builds a ton of value for potential customers.

Results Imagery

To build value with their clients, Results Imagery uses Webflow to explain what they do, how it works, and why people need their services… all in an interactive user interface.


With a clean and simple design and sleek user animations, Dwellito opted to use Webflow’s native design tools along with the buildable CMS to create a streamlined and easy to navigate experience that matches the same high-quality that Dwellito’s products offer.


In order to build a unique website with scrolling animations and complete positioning, while maintaining a responsive design, Ujet utilizes Webflow’s strong design capabilities to give their customers a memorable experience.

Hunt A Killer Game

As this popular game pushes out new omni-channel ads, they need a sleek landing page that makes people want to buy their game. Plus, as interests change, they need a platform that’s easy to pivot so they can optimize on the fly.

At the end of of the day, Webflow is not right for every brand. However, if it's good enough for these massive companies, it's more than likely going to knock your socks off.

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