Top 5 Shopify Themes Of 2023

September 20, 2023

Improving your Shopify store is one of the best ways to improve the bottom line for your brand.

Remember, if you can improve your conversion rate (CVR), average order value (AOV) and/or dollar generated per session, you’ll be able to scale faster and more efficiently across each of your marketing channels.

Since 2017, our team of Shopify experts havs used tons of themes, hundreds of apps, and we’ve written thousands of lines of code to consistently build high converting stores.

Although there are a lot of good themes out there, we’ve also found a lot of junk out there that's limited in functionality and tricky to update.

Below are our top five battle proven themes that are ready for your brand.

Impact: Big text and lots of design control makes this modern theme incredibly versatile while offering your brand a premium feel.

Impact has a few key features that make it a winner right out of the box. A few of the top features are:

  1. Sticky add to cart button on product pages
  2. Slide out cart
  3. Information packed quick buy
  4. Lots of flexible sections that has plenty of customization options

Combine: Designed to boost your AOV, Combine was created to help your customers build bundles and add more products to their carts easier than ever.

One of our most requested features for Shopify stores is an easy to use bundling system. Thanks to Combine, building bundle sections and more complex “goes with” sections has never been easier.

Plus, Combine has a few abstract sections that can help your brand stand out and not have a “templated” feel to it.

Shapes: Built for fun CPG brands, Shapes offers a unique list of elements out of the box to help you create a fun experience for your customers.

One of the best things about the Shapes theme is that it allows you to easily add section transitions to give your store a more organic and free-flowing style rather than a hard-edged sectionalized style.

From a style perspective. Shapes has one of the most unique looks on the Shopify theme store and it’s seemingly endless design capabilities make it a great choice for brands who want to stand out.

Pipeline: If you’re looking for a more traditional or minimalist store, Pipeline is a great option for image heavy stores that are looking for minimal copy.

This structured theme is built for mobile with minimal animations and simple, yet impactful sections. Plus, Pipeline includes a metafield-driven upsell section in the buy box area to help boost your AOV.

Palo Alto: Another more traditional theme, Palo Alto works well for stores with large catalogs, and numerous collections that need lots of product information on collection and product pages.

The Palo Alto was designed to help stores boost their CVR and AOV with sales-driving lifestyle sections and product upsells. Out of the box, Palo Alto has numerous big, bold, loud sections that help you tell your brand story and drive your value propositions home. 

Plus, Palo Alto’s product page above-the-fold sections offer lots of information that’s easily buildable for your brand and products.

When it comes to building a high-converting Shopify or Shopify Plus store, remember that your theme is only part of the equation. Realistically, any theme on the theme store can work well. 

The most important thing is to build a store that has a great experience and gives your customers the information they need to make an educated buying decision.

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