Shopify's Big News For 2024

February 5, 2024

Last week Shopify dropped a bombshell of a livestream with their Shopify Editions for Winter 2024.

This MASSIVE announcement came with 100+ new updates that are going to have a major impact for merchants, agencies, devs ,and shoppers.

Here are the 9 updates that I'm most excited for.

Combine Listings

Unfortunately, this is Plus only for now, but one of the most common requests we get for larger catalog stores is combining listings on the PDP, but separating them on the collection. Now that can be done easier than ever!

This will also help with new marketing angles for specific product attributes such as color

Theme Foundation Updates

Duplicable theme blocks is going to save a ton of time and help us reduce human developer errors. Plus, now we are able to nest blocks within parent elements to make it easier to build, maintain, and customize more complex section structures.

Checkout Extensibility

90+ apps and APIs will help us tailor the checkout experience to the brand more than ever before. I see this being one of the most A/B tested areas of 2024.

Localized Inventory Management

Being able to separate inventory and show only locally in-stock inventory is huge for conversion and trust with international shoppers.

Native Web Vitals

Having more data right in Shopify is going to save a lot of time and will help us gather and view data faster and easier.

Improved Customer Account Pages

One of my biggest issues with Shopify is the customer account functionality. It's always been bland and requires a lot of dev time to make anything good. Built on the same extensibility framework, customer account pages are going to be a lot more flexible!

I'm excited to lean into this more and use the account pages as a tool more than ever before.

Shopify Subscriptions

I think this will be a huge shift for small businesses who need an affordable subscription option. It seems pretty simple and straightforward which is perfect for a new brand that just needs simplicity.

Big Bundles

Now we can bundle up to 30 items in a single order. Bundles are one of the best ways to improve AOV and having more flexibility is going to help us drive more conversions.

2000 Variant Limit

We run into the variant limit issue all the time and it's incredibly frustrating! This will be huge for brands that have similar products with a few different types of variations.

With this update, you’ll be able to have products with up to 2000 variants compared to the previous 100 variants. This is a massive update for brands with a lot of variants per variant option.

For example, year/make/model functionality could be much easier within Shopify natively!

Now keep in mind, not all of these updates are available now, and there are a whole lot more than just these updates, but keep your eyes peeled for these to be rolling out in the coming months.

Just in case you missed the whole livestream, here’s a link to watch the whole video!

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