Seven Apps Your Shopify Store Needs

April 16, 2021

When it comes to building a high-converting Shopify store that’ll help you take your brand from 6-figure years to 6-figure months, having a solid tech stack is key.

Out of the box, Shopify is a good frontend platform with a great backend platform. For the most part, the themes are pretty good and look nice, but if you want to increase your stores overall profitability while simultaneously improving your customer’s user experience, you’re going to need some customization.

With more than 3,200 apps on the Shopify app store, finding the perfect app can be an incredibly overwhelming task and it can be very intimidating to download a paid app if you aren’t 100% sure it will work.

To get your store dialed in, here are seven apps that you can implement to improve your efficiency, your customer experience, and most importantly, your profitability.

PageFly Landing Page Builder

One of the most frustrating features that Shopify is missing is the ability to make pretty custom pages. Sure you can make as many pages as you want, but you have virtually zero customization capability without adding in custom code.

Thankfully, PageFly makes it easy to make custom pages. Whether you want to make a nice looking About page, a lookbook, or even custom product pages, PageFly has the tools you need to make completely custom pages.

The visual designer is similar (although not quite as sophisticated)  to WebFlow’s designer so you have quite a bit of design capabilities which means you can create pages that will help your brand truly stand out online.

Bold Upsell

One of the best ways to increase your profitability is by increasing your average order value with upsells. Sure your cost-per-customer-acquisition or your cost-per-purchase may inch up, but your bottom line will most likely increase.

Bold Upsells is a versatile app that allows you to give your customers the option to upgrade, add to their order with complimentary products, or add to their order with similar products. 

Plus you can design it to fit well with your branding so it feels natural for customers to add to their order.

Product Reviews + UGC

For many e-commerce brands, getting content can be a real challenge! Thankfully, this free app from Hulk Apps makes it easy to collect and display products reviews while simultaneously collecting user generated content.

Sounds like a win-win right?


Plus, with it’s easy customization, it’ll flow well with your branding and website design.

As a bonus, this app also allows you to approve reviews before they get posted so you can make sure that only accurate reviews are displayed on your site.

Reviews are a major driver for conversions, so make sure you get this app (or a similar one) on your site if you don’t have one already!


Want to build your email list more efficiently? Since most people hate pop-ups, it can be tough to add a pop-up to your site to grow your email list without seeming spammy.

When you add JustUno to your Shopify store, you’ll be able to make a custom-looking pop-up that actually looks good. In fact, according to JustUno, their customers see an average of 135% increase in pop-up revenue compared to other pop-ups.

As an ecom brand, your email list is everything so adding JustUno to your store will be a smart decision for long-term success.

Frequently Bought Together

Similar to the Bold Upsell app above, this app is designed to increase your average order value. This Amazon-style app will show customers specific combinations of products to help them easily bundle their orders.

Just like the other apps listed above, Frequently Bought Together is easy to design to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

With any customer-facing app that you add to your store, the ability to design them to fit well is crucial. If your upsell, cross-sell, etc … app seems out of place, then it’ll have the opposite of the intended effect and will actually hurt your customer’s experience.

Variant Options Swatch King

One of our favorite apps on the app store is the Swatch King app that allows you to create custom swatches for your products.

Natively, Shopify allows you to have variant swatches, but you don’t have much control over them and you definitely can’t upload images to show a more true-to-product swatch. 

If you want to give your site a truly custom feel, the Swatch King app could be a great option, especially if your products come in lots of colors!

Mega Menu

When it comes to increasing conversion rates, speed of purchase is a huge factor. Basically, the less time that it takes a customer to go from landing on your site to completing the purchase, the better your conversion rates will be.

Adding in the Mega Menu app will help your customers navigate through your site as easily as possible! Plus, you can even add in images to further promote specific products!

Once you have your theme all dialed in, the next step to complete your Shopify store is apps. Although you will probably need some other apps for your backend management, shipping, and marketing, these seven apps are a fantastic way to boost your store’s profitability.

If you aren’t sure what apps to add, send us a quick message and our team of Shopify Experts will help you get dialed in!

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