Is Webflow right for your business in 2023?

December 29, 2022

Since 2013, Webflow has been building one of the top performing website building platforms for nearly any business. From small, mom and pop local businesses to massive, enterprise level companies, Webflow continues to be a leader for building high-performance websites that look incredible.

Everyday, companies are migrating from the other big platforms like Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace to make Webflow their builder of choice.

In fact, 3.5 million business’s websites are powered by Webflow!

But what makes Webflow so good?

Before we dive into the true power of Webflow, let’s take a moment to understand how Webflow functions.

To put it simply, Webflow is a visual coding tool that lets you custom code your website from scratch without actually writing the individual lines of code. For example, instead of writing:

h1 {

  color: blue;

  font-family: verdana;

  font-size: 300%;

You can simply select the heading, and select the font color, family, and size from the Style Panel.

This process is how Webflow websites are built. Sure you can write custom code (and we do on nearly every project!) but Webflow gives you the tools to build visually instead of writing line by line.

This makes the actual build time significantly faster for the same finished product.

Keep reading to learn nine reasons why you should consider Webflow for your next website project.

Unlimited design possibilities

Perhaps the most popular reason why people make the switch to Webflow is the “blank canvas” starting point. Unlike other website builders like Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace that require you to start with a theme or a template, Webflow lets you start with a blank canvas.

Going back to the visual code builder that you read about in the beginning of this resource, Webflow is a tool to help you build a custom website.

Think of it like this: back in the day before website builders and templates, developers had to write every line of code by hand. That was tedious, incredibly time consuming, and if one character was off, it could throw off the whole build!

Webflow is similar in the fact that you can build each element from scratch, however, the time needed to develop is drastically reduced and the accuracy of your build is greatly increased.

To take this a step further, because you don’t need to start with a theme or template, your website can be 100% unique and custom built for your business.

Basically, if you can dream it, then you can build it in Webflow.

Team building consistency

Have you ever had a website built by a developer only to not be able to update it without relying on that same developer? 

Although it would be nice to use the same developer forever, things happen. New management comes in with their preferred vendor, developers change careers, etc… and now you’re stuck!

Because Webflow is just building code, developers are able to maintain a consistent design and development system so other developers can easily hop in the backend and pick up where other people left off.

With Webflow, there are a few mainstream design systems out there that most Webflow developers are familiar with. Client-First, Hatch, and Wizardy are some of the most popular systems. 

At 253 Media, we build with Client-First, however, our team is versed in all three systems so no matter what was used, our developers can work with it to make updates and build onto the site.

Gone are the days of needing a new website simply because you changed developers!

Marketing team updates in 60 seconds

There are two ways to make updates to Webflow websites. The first way is the primary builder, the Designer. This is where all of the structures are built from scratch.

For non-technical people the Designer can be a little overwhelming and although it’s pretty easy to make tweaks, it’s also pretty easy to break things.

But what if you just need to maintain the site? Change headings or images, add blogs, add reviews, add new portfolio pieces, etc…

Enter the Webflow Editor. 

With the Editor, non-technical people on your marketing team can easily make updates to virtually any on your site without the fear of breaking anything and messing anything up.

In all reality, most updates to your site can be done in 60 seconds or less!

Buildable CMS for simple to complex capabilities

Have you ever written and posted a blog? It’s super easy right? You write the blog on a Google or Word doc, you make a thumbnail, then when you’re ready, you copy and paste those assets into your blog. Then you hit publish and boom! It’s all formatted and looking pretty on your site.

Weblow’s CMS has the same functionality, however you can replicate that process for virtually anything!

From simple content such as new testimonials or open jobs on your careers page, to complex landing pages, Webflow’s CMS can power your website’s content and make updates faster and easier than ever before!

Plus, when mixed with Webflow’s Editor, using the CMS will allow your non-technical team members to update aspects of your site without worrying about breaking anything!

Scales with your business as your business scales

As your business grows, you shouldn’t need to worry about whether your website can grow with you. From new pages to better hosting to higher content limits, Webflow can grow with your business.

To support your growth, Webflow has a few different pricing options starting at only $14/mo for simple projects up to custom billing options that are tailored to your enterprise level business.

Plus, as you grow, you’ll have access to more tools that your business needs (such as page branching and edit logs) and dedicated account representatives.

Security you can count on

With any business, website security is crucial! For all of their hosted sites, Webflow offers end-to-end data encryption for industry leading data protection. 

Unlike with other platforms that need you to have your own hosting and servers, Weblow’s all-inclusive platform keeps your data in one place. Plus you can be sure that your site’s SSL certificates are up to date. 

Never worry about your customers seeing a “site not secure” warning again!

Ready to push the limits of your website and add in custom functions, interactions, or design work?

No-code plus code = magic

Webflow gives developers total control over the code at the project level, the page level, and the section level. Plus you can easily embed code from other platforms, for example, Calendly, for easy integrations with other aspects of your business.

Remember, Webflow is simply a visual coding tool so you can modify and add custom code as needed!

A few examples of custom code that can transform your Webflow site’s functionality or design include custom quote calculators, unique page transitions, and content sliders.

Ultra fast hosting and load times

Everybody knows how important load times are on your website. Thankfully, when built correctly, Webflow sites are lightning fast! In fact, we guarantee an A-rating  on GTMetrix upon launch for our Webflow builds!

But what makes Webflow sites fast?

A few things!

First, because you are building from scratch you don’t have to worry about excess code. Platforms like Shopify, Wix and Wordpress that make you start with a theme or template will always have excess code. This code was added for elements and functions that you might not even use! But unfortunately, the code is there and can slow your site down.

When building from scratch, you only need to add the code that your website needs so you don’t have to worry about any excess code.

Another reason why Webflow sites are so fast is because of the platform’s native image compression. With just the click of a button you can reduce the file size of your assets to make your site’s payload smaller.

To top it all off, Webflow gives you control over settings such as lazy load, delayed interactions, and because Webflow doesn’t rely on apps or plug-ins, you don’t have to worry about hundreds of lines of added code for simple functions.

Lastly, Webflow utilizes its own hosting and offers Tier 1 hosting with Amazon Cloudfront servers to make sure your hosting is lightning fast with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

SEO tools at your fingertips

With advertising costs rising daily, focusing on your organic SEO strategy is becoming more important than ever to help brands reduce their cost per customer acquisition. 

Unlike other platforms that need you to install plugins or apps to update SEO settings, or even just don’t offer access to settings, Webflow was built for growth and gives you the tools you need to grow your business.

Easily update your H1-H6s, your title tags and meta descriptions, your robots.txt, etc… so your website can be as accessible and crawlable as possible organically.

To summarize, if you’re ready for the next step for your website, Webflow is one of the best options on the market for maximum growth potential. 

For nearly any business, Webflow can pack the punch you need to take your online performance to the next level in a fraction of the time that you’d expect from a full custom website build.Is Webflow right for your business?

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