How to Make A Website For NFT Projects

November 20, 2021

When it comes to any NFT project, your website is one of the most important pieces to ensure that you’ll have a successful project. Sure, you can have an amazing community, but if your passionate followers go to your website to buy during your drop and they have a terrible experience, they aren’t going to buy!

So what does it take to build an amazing website for NFTs?

First, let’s go over the overview structure for your website.

Basic Website Structure

Hero section: This is where you need to wow your audience. Your hero section needs to show people who you are, why they need to invest in your project, and you need to have buttons for key actions such as joining your Discord or minting your NFTs.

Intro to the project: Tell people why you are in business. Many NFT projects miss the mark on explaining their why

Mint section: Make it easy for people to buy. Tell them how much each NFT will cost, what blockchain they are on, and if there are any sales limits.

Community Section: One of the important elements of a project that investors look at is the community. Having a strong and engaged community is a must for your NFT project so make it easy for people to join and get involved.

Sneak peak: NFTs are incredibly visual and always unique so show your community what they are buying! The more you can wow your community with your art, the more excited they will be about your project.

Roadmap: Your roadmap is crucial. When you sell out your NFT project, you’re typically bringing in multiple million dollars in revenue, but where is that money going? NFT investors want to know what you are doing with their investment to ensure that their assets will appreciate. The better you explain your goals and upcoming projects, the better off you’ll be.

Team section: When people are investing in a project, they are looking to earn an ROI on their investment. Would you want to blindly give your money away to an anonymous group of people? Probably not! Showcase your team so investors not only know what they are investing in, but also who they are investing in.

Mint section: If people have scrolled this far, they are probably pretty excited about your project, so it’s time to hit them with a soft call to action.

Value add: There are a lot of amazing NFT projects out there, so why should someone invest in your project. Build more value and really hook your audience in.

FAQs: Everybody has questions about NFT projects, so use this section to answer some of the basic questions. In addition to being educational, you can use this section to build value and act as a call to action to mint and join the community.

So that’s all right?

Nope! Now that you know what you informational flow looks like, let’s go over the major factors when creating a successful NFT website

Keys To Success

Experience: People pay for experiences. It’s really that simple. Because NFT communities are primarily made up of tech-savvy people, creating an incredible website experience is crucial. Your website needs to sell your project to people who research hundreds of projects so you absolutely need to create an online experience that people won’t forget. This includes industry leading animations, engaging interactions, and lightning fast load times.

Branding And Design: A huge part of the website experience is branding and design. Because NFTs are so visual, designing your website to be a visual complement to your actual project is a must. When people are buying an NFT, they are looking for a polished project that will yield a return, so you need to make sure every aspect of your project from the art to your website is in perfect sync. For example, if your project is focused around gaming, your audience needs to feel like they are being immersed in the game as they scroll.

Copy: People love a good story and NFT investors are no exception. As you write the copy on your website, focus on setting the stage to make people feel like they are part of the project. This is especially important if your NFT has a specific utility for holders. As people read through each section on your website, your copy needs to bring them in closer and closer to your community so they are more likely to buy when you launch your initial public sale.

Platform: There are quite a few website building platforms out there that can help you create good websites relatively quickly. However, to sell out your project, you’ll need more than just a good website. One of the best ways to create an incredible experience is to utilize the nearly unlimited design capabilities of Webflow. When we look at using Webflow for NFT projects, we can check all of the boxes for both the design and keys to success because with Webflow, we can create something that’s 100% custom designed specifically for your project. To see this for yourself, check out the Wild Tigers NFT project.

Obviously there is a lot more to selling out your NFT project, but an amazing website for selling your NFT is an absolute must for having a successful launch.

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