How To Get More Leads On Webflow

June 4, 2021

When it comes to growing your business, having a strong website that actually converts is crucial.

You can have the best SEO, the best Facebook or Google Ads, even the best word of mouth marketing, but if people land on your website and don’t become leads, then you’re losing business and really hindering your growth.

Before we make any changes to improve lead generation, it’s important to get your analytics all set up with Google Tag Manager. Without proper analytics, you will have no insight into the actual performance of your website and you’ll have no idea how to make data-driven improvements.

Once your analytics are set up properly, here are four ways that you can improve your lead generation capabilities on Webflow.

Contact Options

Everybody who lands on your website is unique, so make sure that you offer multiple contact options.

Obviously having a contact page is crucial, but giving people the ability to contact you throughout the site with email, phone, or forms can make a significant impact on your inbound leads.

For example, by adding the phone number in the header on our client, Drop Detailing’s website, we were able to see an additional 68 answered calls within the first month of adding the button.

By giving people the ability to call when they are ready, you’re minifying the number of steps that it takes for people to reach out.

That’s what it all comes down to… reducing the time it takes for people to become a lead.

You can never know exactly where somebody will become a lead, so giving them the option to become a lead at any point on your site is a great way to reduce the lead submission time for your website users.

Value Added Promotion

Everybody loves a good promotion and everybody loves real value. A great way to generate leads on Webflow is by creating a value added promotion where people submit their contact information in exchange for something of value.

To easily add this into your website, think of something you can give your customers to help them out. This will be especially useful if you help them solve the problem that they are looking for help with.

Let’s use a dental website as an example.

To collect lead information and build your email/phone list, you could create a pop-up where people submit their contact information in exchange for something like a PDF that shows them “5 Ways You Can Have Your Whitest Smile Ever”

Everybody wants a white smile and a free way to get it will act as a great lead magnet. 

PRO TIP: Sync this form with an email platform like MailChimp to easily build email lists, send auto-responders, and create ongoing email campaigns.

Specific Calls To Action

If you’ve read any of the other 253 Media resources, you’re probably seen how often we mention having calls-to-action (CTAs) to increase lead generation.

Let’s take that a step further.

Instead of just having a generic “Ready for your free quote?” CTA, create specific calls to action based around the page that people are on. 

For example, you could create calls to action around specific services, events, webinars, special offers, ongoing promotions, VIP lists, etc. There are a million CTAs you can create, so get creative and make something that will connect well with your audience.

Educational Webinars

A very effective way to generate more leads is through educational webinars. Now not every business needs a webinar, but these work especially well for high-ticket sales and/or high-commitment sales.

The more selling you need to do before closing a deal, the better the webinar strategy will work for your brand.

To make the most of your webinar, create a squeeze page that requires people to submit their contact information before they can watch the webinar. Then, just like the value-added promotion, sync that form up with an email marketing platform and enroll those people into a sales flow to help sell them.

PRO TIP: Collect phone numbers and have your sales team call each lead individually to add a personal touch, answer questions, and close the deal.

Your website should act as one of your best salespeople and should be actively generating new leads for your business from the rest of your marketing efforts.

By successfully implementing these strategies into your website, every other aspect of your marketing efforts will start turning a higher ROI than ever before.

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