Black Friday 38 Point Check List For Shopify Stores

November 9, 2021

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday only about two weeks away, we are in the final stretch for getting our website dialed in for maximum efficiency.

At 253 Media, our team of Shopify Experts created this checklist to help you have your most successful BFCM EVER.

Home Page

  • Utilize the three pillars for for your Hero section: Who you are, what you do, and how to buy your products
  • Hero content should show your customers exactly what you offer and who your target audience is
  • You home page should act as a summary for the rest of your site to help people navigate the site
  • Create educational content to help people understand your products
  • Create value propositions to build trust with your audience so people know why to buy from you rather than your competitors
  • Add in reviews for third-party validation
  • Popular product Quick-Buy sections to speed up the ordering process
  • Multiple calls to action throughout the home page to help people take action
  • Header to call our sales and shipping offers
  • Engaging newsletter signups with strong calls to action - check out JustUno

Product Pages

  • Utilize multiple product photos to showcase multiple angles of your product
  • Show people actually using the product
  • Create icons that explain the key product features
  • Custom product pages that are specific to that product will create a better, more educational experience. Shopify 2.0 stores help with this
  • Customer reviews and a place to leave reviews will build trust
  • Add to cart and Buy Now buttons with contrasting colors help people know where and what to click
  • Give people clear expectations of shipping (free shipping or something out of the ordinary)

Specific Ad Landing Pages

  • Creating specific landing pages is a great way to sync your marketing efforts with your website
  • Build value, add more information, etc…
  • Landing pages can and should be split tested to optimize CTRs
  • Pages that are matched to your ads can help give people specific offers without plastering them all over your website
  • Landing pages can be used for a wide variety of topics
  • Here are a few good landing page building apps for Shopify: PageFly, Shogun, Gempages


  • Give your complete website a quality check to make sure all links are working correctly
  • Although Shopify is notoriously slow, make sure your content is optimized for load times
  • Optimize Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO performance
  • Make sure all of your tracking codes are installed and working correctly
  • Utilize multiple payment options for shoppers to use their preferred payment method
  • Make it easy for people to use any discount codes (automatic discounts work great!)

Functions To Improve Conversions, AOV and/or LTV

  • Utilize subscription apps such as ReCharge
  • Offer bundles for people to help improve AOVs while still helping people feel like they are getting a good deal
  • Utilize apps such as Product Reviews + UGC to get user content and reviews easily


  • Clear images that are correctly sized for optimum load times
  • Photo and video content showcase your ideal customers to increase audience commitment
  • All images have specific alt tags that are optimized for accessibility
  • Create value-add icons to show key benefits and help users understand the features
  • Utilize multiple photo and angles of everything included with a specific product
  • Work with customers to collect UGC so you can showcase real customers using your products

At the end of the day, BFCM is just a great reason to get your website dialed in, however, you should always be focused on improving your Shopify store.

Keep in mind every brand is unique and has specific needs for optimization, however this list of 38 ways to improve your Shopify store can help virtually any brand in one way or another.

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