Taylor Chevrolet

When Taylor Chevrolet came to us, they wanted one thing: bring in more high-quality leads for their sales team to sell vehicles to. They were frustrated with the leads that had previously been coming in because the were incomplete, hard to get ahold of, and they were not vehicle specific.

The main problems that Taylor Chevrolet came to us with were:

  • Not enough leads for the sales team
  • Not enough high-quality leads coming in
  • Leads are not vehicle specific
  • Using a total monthly ad-spend of $2000, we built 24 different ads, within six different ad sets, all targeting different types of local vehicle shoppers. Since this campaign is for a franchise Chevrolet dealer, we designed each ad around the three specific vehicle types Taylor Chevrolet offers: cars, trucks, and SUVs. From there, we built ad sets targeting local shoppers, as well as ad sets that were solely pushed to Facebook users who were retargeted from the Taylor Chevrolet website pages for their respective vehicle type.

    By breaking down the ads being pushed to each audience and matching the creative visual to the audience, we were able to drastically reduce the cost per lead as compared to third-party vehicle sales sites, while still maintaining the quality of the information provided.

    Once the lead is generated through the Facebook lead forms, their contact information is instantly distributed to the Taylor Chevrolet sales team’s CRM and designated email to ensure a rapid response and a seamless experience for the customer. This integration is also important for the sales team at Taylor Chevrolet because it allows them to continue their normal sales process without having to login to Facebook to gather leads.

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