Pristine Stance

As a newer brand, Pristine Stance needed to build a structure that would allow them to scale their Facebook and Instagram ads and help them grow as a brand.

Here are the main problems we faced with Pristine Stance:

  • Newer brand with little market awareness and trust
  • Historically sporadic ad testing with no solidified data
  • Not much structure to help the brand efficiently scale

The first thing we did with Pristine Stance was map out an improved structure for Facebook and Instagram ads that would allow us to earn real data that we can use to help the brand scale sales. Because of the large ad budget and the nature of their business, we actually created a four-step advertising system that would allow us to reach a wider ranger of people at the top of the funnel, guide them through their buying process, and increase the returning customer rate. By improving the returning customer rate, we are able to advertise to an audience that already trusts the brand so they are automatically lower in the funnel. By slowly scaling up the ad spend at the top of the funnel, we can follow up the scaling later in the funnel to maintain the returns without overspending on any portion of the funnel.

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